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Join the Kitchen Table Conversation


We invite you to participate in our Kitchen Table Conversations. These Kitchen Table Conversations (KTCs) are based on the successful Voices 4 Indi Kitchen Table Conversation model These conversations are simple and powerful, hosts invite small groups to have conversations based on focused themes. Participants might be friends, neighbours, family, workmates or people known from community networks. The conversations are shaped around starter questions designed to engage our community in what we enjoy about living in Hughes, what we think is good representation and the issues we see as important.

Some of the feedback we have had from those involved so far is:

"It was a really enlightening conversation"   

"I got so much out of hearing what young people have to say"
"it really focusses your attention on issues that you may not have thought about before" 

"it allowed me to see things through other peoples eyes"

Register for more information or to have a KTC at your place  or read on for FAQs   or check our event pages for pre organised upcoming Kitchen Table Conversations


FAQs on Kitchen Table Conversations

Who are KTCs designed for?

KTCs are designed for everyone. One of the misconceptions is that they are for people who consider themselves "political".  Whether you hold strong political views or none, everyone will feel equally comfortable with the questions.  
We welcome all to participate. The greater the diversity the more we learn from each other. 

Where are KTCs held?

Despite the name "Kitchen Table Conversation" these gatherings can be held wherever you can accommodate people. Suggestions are your home, a park, a quiet club. Anywhere you can be comfortably heard. 

We will be offering online sessions for those not able to attend in person. Even though there is something special about being connected in person, we have found our online sessions are very powerful. 

Who runs the KTCs

There are three main roles in the running of a kitchen table conversation. The host, the facilitator and the note taker  

The task of being a host

  • Set a meeting date and time.

  • Invite up to nine friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, community members to your home or other suitable venue.
    *To host a KTC and request a facilitator please use the form below. 

The role of the facilitator

The facilitator's function is to introduce We Are Hughes, ask participants to introduce themselves and then ask the questions of the participants. The facilitator ensures everyone is heard and keeps the conversation on track. 

The conversations are not designed to try and reach consensus on any one point that is raised, the important this is to keep the conversation moving so that we are all heard and equally we listen.

* to request more information about becoming a facilitator please use the form below. 

The Note taker

The note taker is there to record the words that effectively summarise what is being said. 
The note taker remains objective, recording wherever possible the key words spoken by the participants. 

at home.jpg

What data is collected?

The note taker records the key themes of the evening. No personal data is collected. None of the notes are attributable to any of the participants
The only data we capture is age, gender,  and where people live in Hughes.  This is to ensure we capture information that is demographically and geographically diverse

How long does the conversation last?

The conversation lasts for approx. 90 minutes with the facilitator focussing on these three themes:

  • Living in the Hughes community

  • Political representation

  • Issues and concerns

How do I get involved -

Check our events page to see if there is a Kitchen Table conversation held at a convenient time location and time and book a spot. 

To host a kitchen table conversation and book a facilitator please use the form below. 

You can also use the form to request facilitator training. 


KTC rego form

Kitchen Table Conversation Registration

What are you interested in?

We.are.Hughes values your privacy for more information please review our privacy policy 

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