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This interview is with Craig Kelly on what his intentions are for running next election. He also discusses community groups ( ie us ) and dismisses us with his usual undignified and incorrect response. Ben Fordham speaks about a person who is front and centre of a local uprising in Hughes who has cause for celebrating as "that person" says Craig Kelly has no hope of winning as an independent.

We assume that person is Linda and the segment that aired on Channel ten on the 23rd of February. Linda had a chuckle at the likely success of Craig Kelly running as an independent.

The mention of the community groups starts at about 2:30 , there follows a quote from Craig Kelly about our Hughes community groups.

"[they are] a small group of ragtag greens that realise they have little hope of running under the banner of greens, though they are not actually green they are red"

This appears to be Craig Kelly's modus operandi. Dismiss groups of people who are coming together from across the (manufactured) political divide and call us names. This is unsophisticated and more of the same sort of obfuscation we have become accustomed to. It is time for some grown up representation. Listen hear

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