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We Are Hughes are not mentioned in this article, had we been approached we would not have commented. The articles speak for themselves. Two 7.30 reports investigate the allegations into inappropriate behaviour of Craig Kelly's trusted adviser Frank Zumbo. It is well known that Craig Kelly was saved from the potential of not being pre-selected by successive Liberal Party leaders. What is becoming apparent is that he was saved whilst these allegations were being reported up the line by senior Liberal party members. It is unlikely a majority in Hughes would have knowingly voted for a representative with the alleged inappropriate behaviour taking place in the electoral office. Links to the aired segments below. Three women go public with allegations against MP Craig Kelly's senior aide, Frank Zumbo | 7.30 - Aired on the 8th of March 2021 Craig Kelly accused of ignoring concerns raised about his trusted advisor Frank Zumbo | 7.30 First aired on ABC 24th of March 2021

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