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BIG DEAL: Is our democracy for sale?

WeAreHughes is very excited to invite you to an exclusive screening of BIG DEAL - is our democracy for sale? This is followed by a panel discussion with director Craig Reucassel of the Chaser , presenter of the movie Christiaan Van Vuuren and Zali Steggall independent federal MP for Warringah.

About the Film

Craig Reucassel has partnered up with comedian Christiaan Van Vuuren to make the feature documentary Big Deal: Is our democracy for sale?

This film is going to be a game changer. It’s really tough to find ways of reaching Australians who care about good democracy, but have become cynical. Craig and Christiaan have nailed it, asking hard questions about the way big industries, like guns and fossil fuels, influence our politicians. The political analysis is hard-nosed and gripping, but it’s also a hilarious, heart-warming and ultimately hopeful story of people power.

Hughes and our own BIG DEAL

Hughes electorate is currently an example of democracy gone wrong. There is big money in our electorate compliments of Clive Palmer and his party The United Australia Party (UAP). Our seat via Craig Kelly, who is now leader of the UAP, is being used to take advantage of the exemptions that political parties have from privacy and spam laws to spread their propaganda. And finally, only 2.4% of Hughes constituents voted for the United Australia Party who are now our voice in Parliament. Was Hughes' democracy SOLD?

How does this event run?

Approximately 2 days before the panel event you will receive your exclusive online link to preview the movie. Then you join us on Friday the 1st of October for a relaxed chat with Craig Reucassel and other special guests to talk about the film and democracy. It is serious content, but we can also have a laugh. In Hughes the joke has been on us for a long time, time to turn the tables.

We want as many people as possible to join us for this event. We are making it free of charge for the first 100 people that register. This is possible due to donations from supporters. If you would like to donate so we can continue our work you can do so here Donate

See you at the event! We together are Hughes and we are a BIG DEAL

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