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On Sunday the 7th of March we had our first market stall, it was even more successful than we anticipated! It was stunning day in Bundeena, the weather looked after us nicely. We had many conversations, a common start to a meaningful interaction was "I'm not political but..." With permission we took notes on what people enjoy about living in Hughes, what would they like in a representative and any issues or concerns. Some people could sum this up quickly, for others it proved to good an opportunity to get things off their chest! We love all these conversations. They are so important in informing us all about people we share an electoral boundary with.

It was great to have Prof Kerryn Phelps drop by and talk with us about what independents can achieve. As a long time part time resident of Hughes and former independent federal MP Prof Phelps is very well placed to talk on the benefits of an independent. Our interactions were constructive and full of optimism. A welcome change to politics as usual.

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