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Call for Hughes independent candidates

UPDATE - Expressions of interest closing 3rd of october 2021 We Are Hughes is a grassroots community looking to be better than politics as usual. We are not a political party nor are we associated with any political party. We want representation with integrity, a representative that is informed by experts and their community, someone who knows what it is to be inclusive. We are calling for expressions of interests (EOIs) to be the We Are Hughes group’s endorsed independent candidate for the next Federal election. History has shown us that the right candidate can appear at any time and we do not want to close ourselves off to any opportunities. We will be very clear when we will be closing off the EOI process. We have a number of excellent applicants already, but we continue to be interested in anyone who would like to put their name forward. Please note, we will continue to treat all applications as confidential. The non-negotiable policy positions for endorsement that have arisen through the We Are Hughes community consultation process are:

  • Action on climate change to protect our land and futures and so we can fully participate in the global economy.

  • Support for a robust Federal Integrity Commission

Importantly we expect a candidate that communicates with our Hughes electorate about their policy positions.

Step one:

Contact We Are Hughes at subject line. CANDIDATE INTEREST. We will talk with you first about the logistical requirements of the position and the expectations of our team. Step two:

If you are still interested, we will request you send a formal EOI to the We Are Hughes team and we will add you to our list of potential candidates for endorsement. We suggest you include in your letter policy positions that you are passionate about and any polices you would have difficulty supporting. We also recommend you read The Ethics Centre’s ‘Politicians' Pledge’ and write on whether you feel this is representative of your approach to politics. Step three:

We are in the process of refining how we will make our final selection but anticipate that it will include an interview process with representatives from the We Are Hughes team and our supporter community. Step four: Announcement of our endorsement, please note we would prefer to work on an endorsement announcement strategy with our selected candidate. Read the Politician's Pledge here

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