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Rebecca Gredley Canberra Times JANUARY 14 2021 From the article: "Voters in controversial Morrison government MP Craig Kelly's NSW electorate are brewing plans to run an independent candidate against the backbencher at the next federal poll.

They accuse him of focusing on conspiracy theories instead of his community.

Mr Kelly disputes that and says he's not worried about the group, describing them as from the "extreme left" of politics.

The backbencher entered federal parliament in 2010 as the MP for the blue-ribbon Liberal seat of Hughes, winning again in each election since." Response to Craig Kelly's assertion that we are "extreme left" Craig Kelly's response is reflective of his usual comeback to anyone that does not subscribe to his outlier theories. He has also calls people swamp dwellers, rent seeking scum etc. He is holds a position that should be afforded respect, however respect is not possible with the childish and undignified rhetoric that he continues to use. He treats the position with disrespect and does not display dignity. This is divisive and destructive politics. We Are Hughes have supporters from across the political spectrum. We have a shared view of returning constructive politics to the political landscape. We expect a representative to act with Integrity be Informed and Inclusive. Link to full article

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