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Update - WAH Candidate Selection

Doing politics differently. From us. For us. For all our futures.

We Are Hughes are proud of what we have created in the Hughes electorate. We Are Hughes is committed to encouraging participation in a vibrant democracy. It has been a real pleasure to meet people at our market stalls and Kitchen Table and Community Conversations and to provide our Community with the opportunity to communicate their ideas, thoughts and concerns. Listening to people is WAH being part of the change we want to see. We have provided opportunities to hear first hand from experts regarding the covid crisis, climate change and integrity in Politics. From the beginning we have focused on our Hughes Community. That is why we are called We Are Hughes. It is exciting to see a significant increase in political engagement and awareness within the Hughes Electorate. It is not surprising to see many people are now looking at other options outside of the major political parties.

WAH has been on the lookout for a Candidate for the next Federal election who will represent our Community on the platform we have built and ensure our Community's concerns are heard and addressed in Canberra. This process takes time and due diligence. WAH have had a large number of high quality people express an interest in Candidacy at various times over the last 12 months. A Selection Committee consisting of persons who have shown significant commitment to the WAH movement concluded interviews last weekend and a Candidate has been selected after lengthy and exhaustive deliberations. WAH are looking forward to a public event in the near future where the Candidate will be announced and the Public will have the opportunity to meet our Candidate and other WAH volunteers. Many people have contacted us today expressing confusion regarding an Independent Candidate being announced in today's news. Thank you for considering how the We Are Hughes community felt when we read this widely reported announcement about an independent running in Hughes. WAH feels an obligation to confirm with our Community that the announced independent who has chosen to run is not the WAH endorsed Candidate. We applaud anyone announcing running as an independent as we know that Hughes has been served poorly by the major parties. We are excited to be part of the growing community-led politics of the future. We are proud to be doing politics differently. Bringing people together who may never have voted the same way before for a common goal of integrity and real representation. #WeAreHughes #BetterTogether

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