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After burning fossil fuels, food waste is our biggest source of carbon emissions. Lawn is the biggest world wide crop. Living in a medium-high density housing area, 18 of my neighbours and I asked Sutherland Council to let us use the narrow reserve in the middle of the street to compost our veggie scraps, improve the soil and grow some plants or veggies. That request was made about 18 months ago…. And yes, it is still being considered… (AKA death by deferment) So with the support of my next door neighbour, I started a Share Waste compost and shared herb garden on the front lawn of our complex of 5 villas.

We now have 11 people contributing their veggie scraps.

It's a lovely way to meet your neighbours.

Compost is easy, just add grass or leaves if it is too damp.

The worms and soldier fly larvae do all the work. Turn to add oxygen.

Coriander, thyme, chives, basil and rocket flowers are great for pollinators.

Improve your garden soil and let nature work against any garden pests

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