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Some followers of Craig Kelly's Facebook page assumed they were blocked from his page Monday morning (26th of April) when they could no longer access it. Being blocked by Craig Kelly is a common occurrence for many, including constituents, when they offer views that are contrary to his positions. Craig Kelly has been known to block professors and medical doctors.

As it turned out, our MP had been removed from Facebook. A Facebook spokesperson provided the following reason: "We don't allow anyone, including elected officials, to share misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm or COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health experts"*

Further to the initial ban on Monday of his primary Facebook page, Craig Kelly subsequently had his "backup" Facebook page and Instagram page removed two days later. Many Hughes constituents and voters outside of our electorate have been appalled by the controversial spreading of fringe theories on our MP's Facebook page. Many people were simply shocked by the debasing language he chose to use.

Craig Kelly has used his Facebook platform to undermine efforts to abate global warming and the impacts of climate change. He was promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments that have undermined our health professionals and have amplified fear of vaccinations. Social media is a powerful platform for politicians, a tool that should be used to inform, connect and advocate for people. Our MP could have been keeping us informed on local Covid-19 clinics, advising on NDIS, reporting on and sharing stories from our local electorate and looking for and informing us on economic opportunities.

He could have used his position and platform to advocate for additional federal funding for the notoriously dangerous Heathcote bridge. He could have insisted on a 4 lane bridge to match the duplication of Heathcote road. He could have used his platform to raise awareness and therefore assisted in having the unpopular long wall mining under our water catchment overturned. Instead for over ten years in Hughes we have had wasted energy on his personal crusades. All delivered with anger and derision.

The information and outrage promoted by our current MP was endorsed through complicit non action by his former political party. Over 10 years of non-representation. And so we move on.....

We are providing here screen snaps of the most recent posts from four MP's Facebook pages. We have deliberately chosen politicians outside of the major parties. In Hughes our representative will have their own unique Hughes priorities. Enjoy. This is what representation can look like. *quote from this article

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