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Hello Hughes, Farewell to 2020 and welcome 2021.

It has been just over 2 months since this website was launched. Within weeks we had an article on the back page of the Sydney Morning Herald by Peter Fitzsimons, followed promptly by two articles by Anne Davies, one on the on the 18th of November and another on the 21st of November we then had a mention in Crikey on November 23rd by journalist Margo Saville. It appears the media have a healthy appetite for grass roots movements that are looking for political change.

Since the website was launched we have had over 10,000 visits to our pages, over 300 people have subscribed with the majority ready to volunteer in many ways. We do of course have to increase these numbers, you can play a part in actively increasing awareness by either sharing posts via any of our social media channels, or by good old fashioned talking about what our purpose is.

Speaking of We Are Hughes... If you are speaking about We are Hughes to friends and acquaintances you will be pleased to know that we will be having some information and training soon on the best way to communicate our purpose. In the mean time the easiest way is to let people know that we are not anti LNP or ALP or GREENS etc, but we are very pro constructive politics. The partisan nature of politics has meant good people within all parties are compromised daily. Many party members may align more with their traditional foes on individual policies, however the nature of partisan politics requires them to stand behind policies they may not personally endorse, worse than that, they will actively advance a case that goes against their own values and constituents' wishes. The intent of We Are Hughes has always been about increasing participatory democracy. We are seeking and will support the election of Members of Parliament who best represent the constituents of Hughes and who care about our local, national and global environment. This will naturally require an independent candidate to unite our electorate, partisan politics has been divisive for far too long.

When bi-partisan politics backfires, mining under the Worononora water catchment Sadly, in our electorate, one of the bi-partisan decisions made this year was about mining under our water catchment. The views of the 10,000 signatories and expert opinions were swiftly ignored when a petition was tabled in parliament. Links to the debate and more information on the petition are at the end of the the blog.

Many of you reading this blog will have already subscribed to updates, if you haven't, please do. Many communications will be emailed to subscribers about upcoming activities, for example leafleting, market stalls, hosting kitchen table conversations and helping with our events .

In 2021 we will be fundraising, we will also have a donate button. You will be pleased to know people from across the country are looking for ways to donate to us, such is the focus on Hughes and our current news generating MP that the phrase #HughesDeservesBetter often morphs into #AustraliaDeservesBetter.

The website will continue to share stories of our constituents in our Humans of Hughes section. Please contact us if you have a story to share or if you would like to tell us why you would like change in Hughes. Even though Anthony is not from Hughes, you can look forward to his story in 2021. His perspective exemplifies why all of Australia needs to work together for change.

I'll be sharing my story about why I want change. I was described in the Margot Saville article as "the antithesis of Craig Kelly" (a proud moment) that is only part of the story. The rest likely mirrors everyone else's frustration. It is probably worth sharing as you've been reading my words for a while, so perhaps it is time I put a face to the words. Others who are instrumental in the forming of this movement will also be introduced . They are fantastic people with passion and purpose.

Here's cheers to a New Year that will bring positive change to our electorate.

Linda Seymour for We are Hughes. Links to articles

Peter FitzSimons The Sydney Morning Herald - November 1, 2020 Craig Kelly Must Go Anne Davies The Guardian November 18 2020 Push to oust Liberal MP Craig Kelly gathers pace: 'It’s awful to be the laughing stock of the country' Anne Davies The Guardian November 21, 2020 Independent's day Margot Saville Crikey. November 23, 2020 Fossil fuel influence targeted in fight to control climate agenda in next parliament More information on Long Wall Mining under the Woronora water catchment You can watch the "debate" here and read more about the petition by the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre and the impacts of mining under our water catchment here Finally for your enjoyment here is a link to the Shaun Micallef's Christmas Roast of Craig Kelly MP, our current federal MP who finds himself the subject of many a satirical moment.

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