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Guardian Article - Wed 18th November - Anne Davies Link To Guardian article

Excerpt from the article "The threat is coming from both the moderate and right Liberal factions, with reports of recruitment drives by both seeking to take control of branches within Hughes.

Liberal head office may need to make a judgment on whether to risk an independent triumphing over the maverick Kelly or whether to allow the local branch to neutralise the threat with a safer, more mainstream Liberal."

Our view Irrespective if the Liberal party change their member, our view is it is too little too late. Hughes has been taken for granted for far too long. There will no doubt political strategies in place "Will removing Craig Kelly be good for the Liberal Party brand" "Will keeping Craig Kelly appease right wing factions" The fact is none of these decisions will be based around the constituents of Hughes. We deserve better in Hughes, the whole of Australia deserves better than political games.

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