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At our launch on Sunday, Helma from Jannali gave an address about why it is so important we know who we vote for. Helma is the owner of one of nine homes in Jannali that was subject to a compulsory acquisition order. Her home was to be levelled for a car park. No warning, just a knock on the door. Helma's forever home, and with it her community, was about to taken away. The community rallied around them, and soon a movement was born. This was people power at it's finest, the decision that was overturned. Sadly that is not the case for all. Three homes in riverwood were also subject to compulsory acquisition orders, they have lost their homes as part of the federal government's Urban Congestion Fund (UCF). This scheme has been labelled as a car park pork barrelling. A former NSW auditor has said the scheme would amount to corruption if a federal integrity commission existed. (reference article here )

Meanwhile in Heathcote another unwelcome car park announcement has been made without community consultation. A multi level car park promised for Engadine has been exchanged for an on grade parking at Heathcote East. This is not been welcomed by the Heathcote community. There is something about car parks that is not quite right. They are mired in political promises that appear to be more about party political expediency than community benefit. (reference article here)

Be careful who you vote for.

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