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We Are Hughes and we love where we live and the people in it.

Julia Zemiro would like to get to know Hughes. If we didn't have restricted movement due to Covid, she could have taken a drive to our electorate to explore the beauty and hidden gems. We would have given her a warm welcome. RSVP to the event here

This restricted movement has made us look at things a little differently. We are all in our own neighbourhoods - so who better to share our part of the world than us? We'll let Julia explain in the video below

Julia is used to being shown around people's home patch. Take a look at this episode of Julia in Home Delivery. Quite by chance it is with Craig Reucassel who is featuring in our BIG DEAL event.

What we would like you to do is show us around your patch of Hughes. Video a favourite spot, or even your favourite coffee place, your secret place ( you don't have to tell us where it is). Send it to us by the 8th of October and we will create an online experience using your footage. Make it one minute long or under ( if you go over a few seconds we won't mind ) You can simply film the spot you love or talk to the camera about your favourite thing. An idea is to hold up a piece of paper with the name of your suburb or place on it. We will post some sample videos here as they become available. In the meantime here are some suggestions You could:

  • film on your phone

  • use a gopro for action video

  • play music

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • mime

  • speak in your mother tongue

  • go solo or with your whole home crew

  • do an interview with an older relative

  • do an interview with a young relative

  • chat with you children about things they see and enjoy

  • talk with a local character at a ( make sure you get their permission for it to be shared )

  • stand near some local place name signage of the area and chat to us

You can take us to your:

  • Backyard / garden

  • Common area

  • favourite walk

  • favourite place

  • favourite cafe

  • favourite local shop

  • parkland

  • bushwalk

  • Primary school

  • High school

  • Your workplace ( in Hughes)

  • Kitchen - make us a meal!

  • lounge room - gogglebox style!

  • secret spot

The possibilities are endless. Enjoy creating your one minute snap shot of Hughes. Be Creative! Show us your Hughes! Ideally we would like you to film in landscape mode (horizontal not vertical on your phone). Film in as high a resolution as possible. Then send it to us at* with the subject HUGHES VIDEO , then tell us in the contents where you and are a bit more about the film you have sent us. You can also tell us a bit about yourself. Whatever you do, make sure you are complying with Covid restrictions. We will get in touch with some of you to talk further with Julia on the night to explain a little more about the content. We will contact you in advance. *If your files is too large to send, email us and we will work with you receive your file. Subject line - HUGHES VIDEO Important: Please include in the contents that you consent to us using your video in the online event.


WeAreHughes and we are proud of where we live. Our local member is not a reflection of who we are.

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