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This post is being written as the count in the US election continues. We are interrupting that continuing news cycle with news of our own. This week saw two articles published about our electorate. One in the Sun Herald by Peter Fitzsimons in one of NSW's best read columns, and the other in the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader reporting on Eric Hatfield's site. The circulation of Eric's article is significant, as not only does it counter Craig Kelly's cherry picked data, it also has a monthly readership of 450,000. This covers all the Sutherland Shire’s portion of the Hughes electorate, including the office of Craig Kelly. Unfortunately, it is not physically delivered to the Liverpool area of our electorate. Fortunately, the electronic version is not behind a paywall and can be shared freely and we encourage you to do so. Link to Kelly Must Go article by Peter FitzSimons in the SMH Link St George and Sutherland Shire Leader article about Hughes Fact Checking

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Bookending the two articles was the calling out of Craig Kelly MP in Federal Parliament by the Shadow Minister for Health, Chris Bowen MP on the 28th of October 2020 followed by the US Election which is still unfolding today, November 5th 2020 Chris Bowen called out Craig Kelly's demands for the use of hydroxychloroquine despite the Therapeutics Goods Administration having restricted the prescribing of it as a treatment for COVID-19. Chris Bowen also highlighted Craig Kelly's lack of interest and engagement with our electorate. Whilst we do not align ourselves within any party; at We Are Hughes, we will give credit where credit is due and we appreciate our federal representative Craig Kelly being called to account in parliament. You might be interested in learning that in the past year Craig Kelly has made over 1500 posts; in that time, it would be generous to only ascribe 5 posts be inclusive of our electorate.

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The good news will continue as we engage with the media who are showing an increasing interest in what we are doing to bring back informed sensible politics and dignity to our electorate. The media are interested because what we do here in Hughes is telling across our national political landscape. Let's continue to work together to show Australia we are better than how we are represented. And finally as a way of marking a moment in time symbolic of democracy, we leave you with the following graphic

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