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  • Josh

An ode to the Woronora River by Josh

Just a river.

To me, it’s everything.

I’m so fortunate to have walked the banks of your great river all these years.

To be fed by your produce, to be privileged to swim amongst your tides, to jump off the bridge after school into your waters.

What a beautiful waterway you are for our region.

My father’s ashes float amidst your ebbs and flows.

Whenever I can, I venture along the black rocks you are named for.

It is guaranteed that every time I do, the same song will come to my head and I will always associate it with, as I call you, ‘my river’.

As you do, it reminds me of who I am, and I’ll always love your waters for that.

Given the world we live in right now, I think it is even more appropriate. “When you feel life coming down on you, like a heavy weight. When you feel this crazy society, adding to the strain. Take a stroll to the nearest water’s edge, remember your place. Many moons have risen and fallen long, long before you came.”

You, the Woronora River, will always be the water’s edge I go to.

Unfortunately, some humans have decided that making money is more important than you.

That longwall mining underneath you, which is likely to decimate the incredible ecosystem so many of us are blessed to inhabit, is more important to them than the incredible natural wealth you provide to us.

You provide us drinking water sure, but you provide us so much more.

For you, the river that means so much to me and has given me so much, I promise to do everything I can to help put someone in power who loves you the way I do.

May you continue to provide and sustain life for us through your waters.

Know you are loved and that we will fight for you!

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