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This morning a music video parodying Craig Kelly's unsolicited text message turned up in my news feed. Hughes being Hughes, it turns out I knew the musician via a friend. I managed to have a catch up with Cam who stars in the video.

Cam who lives in Sutherland and his friend from Chipping Norton* are part of the band "Plus Side." I asked Cam if he made the video out of frustration with Craig Kelly. On the contrary, he just found the text messages funny, more absurd than anything. He and his band friends

decided a parody of the video was a good way to share the something lighthearted during lockdown.

Have a laugh at our MP's expense - this time not our taxpayers expense. Thank you Plus Side for the laugh and seriously good quality parody. Arts and artists - what we would do without you? *Chipping Norton was in Hughes till the boundary changes in 2016. His friend worked remotely on the video due to lockdown Linda for We Are Hughes.

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