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The Sutherland Shire Leader and the The Liverpool Champion reported on our call for candidates. From the article: "Grassroots community group 'We are Hughes' has called for informed people with integrity to come forward and become its endorsed independent candidate for the next federal election." The post was shared to their facebook page. On the Sutherland Shire page it received a lot of feedback. 129 comments, and close to 200 "likes". This is an enormous amount of traction for any article, for one about politics it is very rare. It is a good sign that people are engaging with a positive change. There were of course some naysayers, but hardly any, just a few silly comments designed to provoke. The comments were overwhelmingly positive. The response reinforced that people are tired of negative politics and are ready for an engaged, intelligent candidate that puts good policy before party position. A candidate whose only vested interest is the people in Hughes and good policy for our community and country. You can link to the Sutherland Shire Leader article here You can link to the Liverpool Champion here If you would like to add your voice to the conversation on the Leader facebook page you can do so here ( You can link to the call for candidate process here

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