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This article by Tom McIlroy political reporter for The financial Times was written in the wake of the challenge by Tanya Plibersek to Craig Kelly about his spreading of Covid - 19 information that is counter to his own government's recommendations. Tanya Plibersek asserted “My mum lives in your electorate and I don’t want her exposed to people who are not going to be vaccinated because of these crazy conspiracy theories that you’re spreading,” she said as journalists and cameras looked on. We are interviewed as a counter narrative to Craig Kelly. " Local activist group We Are Hughes is mounting a campaign against Mr Kelly.

Organiser Linda Seymour said the electorate has gone unrepresented while he courted thousands of social media followers.

“Craig has always been anti-science. He’s always been contrarian. He’s just had more material during the pandemic,” she told The Australian Financial Review.

“People in Hughes are like everyone else across the country. When they go to vote, they’re looking at the news media. They usually vote for the party but this time they know who Craig Kelly is and if they don’t yet, we’re making sure they will.

“For 10 years, Craig has always been Craig. The party moves to keep him in power have had nothing to do with the constituents here and everything to do with their own parlour games.” "

We Are Hughes plans to run an independent candidate at the election, due in late 2021 or early 2022. Link to the article

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