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Join us at Bonnet Bay football club, a fantastic indoor / outdoor venue as we celebrate the achievements of We Are Hughes and the announcement of our community candidate. The venue is relaxed and welcoming - much like us in Hughes. Bring your kids, bring your dog. Bring your positive attitude as we embrace change in Hughes.

There will be a free sausage sizzle. The bar will be open so we can all raise a glass to our new political landscape. Campaign T-shirts will be distributed on the day so we can finally show our true colours in Hughes!

Through our community's vast positivity and enthusiasm for sincere and trustworthy representation, we have created, together, one of the most powerful independent grassroots movements in the country.

It's been a long road to find a candidate who can rise to the occasion of representing the decent and genuine people of Hughes. But finally we have a person we can get behind as we push for true representation with integrity. We're really excited for you to meet them.

Our candidate. From us. For us. For all our futures.


Location - Bonnet Bay Football Club. Parking available. Nearest station Jannali.

Link to google maps


Background to selecting our candidate

We Are Hughes has been working tirelessly to build community, increase participatory democracy and to find a community Independent we can be proud of. Through Kitchen Table Conversations, community and online events, we have connected with thousands of people, and they in turn have opened up to us about the kind of community representative they would like.

With this information from the community, we sought expressions of interest for candidature, and had more than 10 excellent candidates come forward. Candidates were subjected to the same rigorous interview, facing questions such as -

Q. “If you were successful in your candidacy and elected, how would you seek to engage with your constituents?“

Q. “Outline your position on Climate Change and a Federal ICAC and how you would seek to take the community’s concerns about these issues to parliament?“

Q. “What in your view are the most pressing issues facing Australians at the present moment and what makes you select these issues?“

The selection panel for these interviews included members of We Are Hughes, who had shown commitment to the community group, as well as a desire to select a candidate who best represented the needs and aspirations of Hughes constituents.

The selection committee then referred candidates to an external advisory board for further scrutiny. The advisory board was comprised of individuals who were locals, or who had experience in the community Independents movement.

Through this rigorous process, both panels have decided upon a candidate who they believe best represents the desires of the community and who is best placed to win the seat.

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