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Pete Evans in the party room’: Liberals, independents line up to take on Craig Kelly SMH

January 31, 2021 — 12.00am

Good Morning Hughes on this grey and overcast day,

We are going to unpack this article slowly: we could do a three word slogan, but it's Sunday grab a cuppa and let's get into it.

The opener to the article: "Liberals, independents line up to take on Craig Kelly" and "Controversial Liberal MP Craig Kelly is facing twin challenges"

It is acknowledged that We Are Hughes are a real contender in Hughes. Hughes can not be taken for granted this election. This is already a win! Self congratulations all round.

Regarding the expected member in waiting Kent Johns - we will simply refer you to the article "The councillor, the drug boss and the Liberal Party's pot of gold" by Kate McClymont in the SMH on July 6 2020. You can make up your own minds.

“People have become immune to what he says on climate change, it’s just Craig being Craig, but his comments on the Capitol riots [in Washington DC] shocked people.”

This is an extraordinary response and admittance from the Liberal Party. We have a federal member that people have become immune to? Do we need a Craig Kelly vaccine for those that aren't immune?

#CraigBeingCraig ? Is it OK to deny climate change and undermine our public health system? Why was it only when he went took the position that he did on the Capitol Hill insurrection that alarm bells rang? The signs have been there all along. Craig has always been Craig and he has been endorsed for four terms.

Mr Kelly described the We Are Hughes group as “FAKE INDEPENDENTS - they are the remnants of the Greens that see their best chance as trying to trick the electorate by disguising themselves as independent”.

Of all the conclusions Craig Kelly could have come to, this is what he asserts. He wrongly calls us "remnants of the greens" and insults the intelligence of the electorate at the same time. We Are Hughes do not play games, that is for party politics. #NoPartyGames

Linda Seymour, one of the organisers of the group, said it was a grassroots movement focused on on doing politics differently.


They hope to find a strong candidate, similar to independent MP Zali Steggall who managed to unseat Mr Abbott in Warringah at the 2019 federal election.

Whilst we congratulate Warringah for finding their candidate, we are looking for our own perfect fit to endorse. ( so many options already - we will be spoilt for choice)

And the final word in the article goes to We Are Hughes, nice summary!

“In Hughes we have no representation, we have Craig Kelly off on his own crusade. Irrespective of whether you’re Labor or Liberal you haven’t been represented in our seat,”

***note not once in the liberal party considerations and quotes in this article was the actual representation of Hughes mentioned. Very telling.

If you made it to the end - you can now have a three word slogan as a bonus

We Are Hughes Link to the SMH article

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