A new local podcast "Suthercast" interviewed Linda from We Are Hughes and Georgia from Hughes Deserves Better. We Are Hughes are often asked "what is the relationship between We Are Hughes and Hughes Deserves Better" at times we are even asked if we are competing - nothing could be further from the intent. The two groups are united in a common goal for excellent representation in Hughes. The groups are not structurally linked, but we are certainly aware of each other and respect, applaud and support each other's approach to a much-improved political outcome for Hughes.

We Are Hughes is quite simply, people power. We were formed with the simple belief that through uniting we can create a better political future, most certainly for Hughes and for democracy. We are working to unite people in Hughes to seek out and endorse an excellent community minded independent member. A member who respects our electorate enough to be informed by us and communicates with us in an intelligent manner about proposed bills and voting intentions. Someone who can vote on the merit of each bill that is proposed with the impacts on our community and Australia front of mind.

Hughes Deserves Better run an awareness campaign around how Hughes has been misrepresented for over a decade, the words "Hughes Deserves Better" sums up nicely what we all want and expect. HDB are actively informing the electorate on how we have been taken for granted and why that is not good for democracy. Thank you HDB!

In the interview Linda speaks about why a good independent MP makes sense. There is reference to Warringah and Indi electorates, two electorates that have independent representation. Warringah, Indi and Hughes are all different electorates in terms of industry, employment, demographics and geography. These three electorates have all had Liberal Party MPs who voted on bills in line with the party direction. Very little communication or consideration with the electorate is required, the ability to vote in accordance with local consideration is not viable, parties vote as a block. Warringah and Indi independents Zali Steggall OAM and Dr Helen Haines actively communicate with their electorates for input, the result is they vote on each bill on merit with local consideration. At times Warringah and Indi align in their votes on bills, at time they don't. Whilst Hughes now has an independent MP in Craig Kelly, his model is based around his own views and imposing those positions on our electorate. It is the opposite model of representation that we are seeking. We will endorse an independent member who is informed both by the electorate and experts. Enjoy the podcast. Link here the the youtube version of the podcast Link here to listen to more youtube videos from Suthercast