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Jenna Price

Columnist and academic January 12, 2021 — 12.14am

An excellent article highlighting the out of step views of our Federal Member, Craig Kelly MP “We have someone with extreme views representing us,” says Louise D’Arcens, another resident of Hughes and a professor of medieval literature at Macquarie University. "

“My hunch is that people here don’t realise they are voting for an extremist.” She also wants to tell outsiders Hughes is more than Kelly country. Chris Wallace, associate professor at the University of Canberra and author of How to Win an Election, says a Labor candidate would have to be compelling (and also resist the dullness of Labor’s current iteration).

“More likely is an ‘independent’ insurgency of the kind that dislodged Abbott from Warringah. “The time of just blindly following parties should be over. MPs have a duty to their electorates and put those views and needs first.” Link to the article here

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