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Hello Hughes, We woke this morning to see our Facebook page has been caught up in the stoush between the federal government and Facebook over their new media code implementation.

The result is today Facebook banned news websites, however caught in this ban are academic journals, soccer clubs, Careflight, Department of Fire and Emergency Services to name but a few. Clearly this is quite a random exercise, and one that We Are Hughes has been caught up in. And in a quite extraordinary twist - they even banned their own Facebook Facebook page!

On the upside - it is probably time we made better use of our website. After all, as convenient as it is, there are worlds beyond Facebook. What we would have posted today was news of our upcoming story on The Project on Channel 10 at 6.30pm. This story has been bumped several times to make way for the unfolding story of Brittany Higgins. This is such an important story that we are more than happy to be moved aside for Brittany Higgins. Whilst we have been assured we are being aired tonight, we can never be positive. Much of the news today is about news itself. So - tune in to The Project, and hopefully you will see a couple of Humans of Hughes talking about why we need change, not only in Hughes but why all of Australia could do with a shake up.

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