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During We Are Hughes community conversations action on climate change is consistently raised as an issue of concern.

Whether the subject is raised from an economic perspective or mitigating disaster, action is highlighted as a priority.

Catching up with Hughes constituents to talk about representation and concerns

Hughes is no different to the rest of Australia. According to the Australia Talks National Survey of 54,000 Australians, 84% of us want action on climate change, 60% want immediate action and 24% some action.

Link here for an excellent interactive graphic explainer from the ABC

The Risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world

Yesterday ( 31st of March 2021) the Australian Academy of Science released a landmark climate change report about the risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world.

The press release highlights the "that even if current Paris pledges on time, Earth is likely to reach average global surface temperatures of 3°C above the pre-industrial period during this century, with catastrophic consequences."

Video introduction to the report

The report is not all gloom as Australia is well positioned to be a leader on climate action.

From the press release: “Australia has a stable business landscape. We have a great scientific tradition. We have enormous resources for the next wave of innovative technologies. We not only have a responsibility to be an international leader on climate action but need to grasp the enormous economic opportunities presented by the ‘new’ economy,” said Professor Hoegh-Guldberg. “We urge the Australian Government to implement the recommendations of this report. The Academy stands ready to assist by providing sound scientific advice on climate change to inform the Government’s multifaceted policy response.” Link to the press release on the report Link to the full report and executive summary

The Sydney Morning Herald has provided an excellent explainer to the report .

"Leading Australian scientists have considered what a 3-degree rise in global temperatures will look like for Australia in new detail, in a report from the Australian Academy of Science.

But they stress that the path out of such a future is still before us. While the 1.5-degree target will almost certainly be surpassed, if countries immediately set credible targets for 2030, we may still reach net zero by 2050, holding warming to about 2 degrees. Borrowing a well-worn phrase from the COVID pandemic, the report authors liken it to “flattening the curve” of climate change. Of course, even a delay of a few years could see us miss that deadline too – and set off dangerous climate “tipping points”. Link to the SMH article

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