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This Humans of Hughes area of our news is dedicated to connecting people through stories. These stories will be across the board. Some stories will tug at your heartstrings, others will make you laugh. Some may give you an insight into the area you live through an oral history. We are interested in all stories. Not all stories will be inspirational , some will be the everyday. Some will be relatable, some will feel a million miles away. But they are not a million miles away - they are happening in your community.

An example maybe a first day of school experience - we can all use the wisdom of 4 and 5 years olds. The experience of moving a loved one into a care facility may be something you would like to share. Chances are your experience will either reflect someone else's or comfort those going through the same challenge, it might just make them feel less alone.

These stores are not political in nature, although the stories may well shape where you put your number 1 at the ballot box. After reading a story of how someone in your neighbourhood exists on Newstart allowance, you will be making a more informed decision. When you cast your vote you will know you are rubbing shoulders every day with people who will be directly affected by the outcomes of the votes you cast. Either close to our hearts or a feel good fable, be assured these stories are unfolding around us. Through this sharing we become more connected Humans of Hughes. We welcome your stories. Please contact us here to discuss your format or a story you wish to share.

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