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WeareHughes is a grassroots community in the electorate of Hughes in the South of greater Sydney.

We are seeking and will support the election of  independent Members of Parliament who best represent the electorate. 

We are diverse. We have different working lives, career stages, family stages and structures, ethnicity, religious backgrounds and voting histories. We are not aligned with any political party but we do want change to politics as usual. 

We are united by our shared purpose in returning  respectintegrity and trust to the political landscape. 

We will seek out and listen to experts to explain increasingly complex issues, for example: climate change, the environment and public health. We expect the same of our representatives in parliament.

We are opening and strengthening participatory democracy in Hughes.  We will do this by engaging in community conversations.  In these settings we encourage a diversity of voices and opinions.  

In our news section we will share stories of individuals and groups within our electorate. This is where we get to know the people in our neighbourhood. 

Our group is growing with community contribution. The direction will move with our community voice and grow to accommodate  new initiatives that compliment our ambition to create an inclusive community and politics with integrity. 

WeareHughes welcomes and encourages all contributions

Register here to stay up to date and to contribute. 

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